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Welcome To Orby Opportunity Centre

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Orby Opportunities Centre is situated some 7 miles from Skegness, just off the main A158 road. Its grounds extend to approximately 8 acres. These premises were briefly the home of Orby Bird Gardens that unfortunately had to close in 1992, and were purchased by Boulevard Care in 1994. Additional buildings have since been added to double the capacity and to provide a new Head Office.

The Opportunities Centre is part of Boulevard Care Ltd, which began in 1988 when Boulevard House, opened as a residential home. Shortly after this the Social Education Centre was opened at Mablethorpe. Further residential locations were opened at Withern, Trusthorpe, Sutton-On-Sea and Skegness. It was then decided that larger premises were required for day opportunities, and the premises at Orby were purchased.

In 1997 we completed our new Opportunities Centre adjacent to our existing building. Registered with the local authority in 1998, we are now able to offer day services for up to 75 members. The new extension boasts a training kitchen, arts and crafts rooms and an information technology room. This old building has since been converted into a Dining Centre with adjoining shop, as well as a conservatory being added which houses the sports room.

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You will be allocated a daily programme incorporating some fun sessions of your choice and some from your training programme. All members will do a number of different activities throughout a single day.

Members/Staff Relations

The Directors’ intention is that every individual will work together with staff on all projects and tasks at the Opportunities Centre, developing an understanding and forming useful working relationships for the benefits of members and staff alike.


The Directors will co-operate if at any time parents wish to form a PTA. Parents may visit the centre at any time, a warm welcome will always be given.